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Hello! My name is Veronica. I am the Broker/Owner of Veronica's Realty. I have been a Realtor based in Geneva since 1994. Recently I opened my office in-town Geneva. My dream of opening my own brokerage and making a difference is now a reality. I am excited to share with you 'how we do it differently'.

When the market turned in 2007, I decided it was the perfect time to set myself apart and make a difference. As home values were decreasing, I knew I could set myself apart if I could help sellers add value to their home. The fastest way was to offer buyer incentives, a free home warranty & inspection. This would increase buyer activity, reduce seller liability, as well as give them security.

I liked knowing I could give back to the community. I knew that I would have to work hard to earn the reputation instead of just  'Listing' a home, I could increase the value and sell it for more than what the market was bearing. So in addition to the buyer incentives, I devised a plan!

The plan was simple, Increasing value meant improving condition. My husband and my partner who has been building and remodeling homes for 36 years helped me attain this goal. With our combined knowledge and experience we make the ultimate team to be able to improve the condition, increase the value and sell homes at top dollar in record time- without increasing the commission! This gained appreciation and loyalty - the homes condition commanded higher prices, buyers saw value, homes sold fast and at top dollar. Homes appraised out and never fell apart due to inspection issues. We earned the reputation of 'doing it differently'!